About us

Education will take you from darkness in to the light, we will guide you there… or at least make it so you trip as little as possible!

The purpose of Vivid Shadow is to help you take better photographs. Photographs are not taken at a computer, with a mouse, or a pen. Don’t get me wrong, digital editing is lots of fun, but photographs are taken by you, with a camera, ANY camera. If you don’t get the shot in camera, what is the point. A while ago there was this old Harvard & Yale educated environmentalist that lived in San Francisco, California, that once said:

“The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it.”

He was kind of a hermit, loved spending time in nature and was pretty good with light. You can do an internet search for him, I believe he went by Ansel Adams. That guy was spot on. A camera takes good photographs just as much as an oven cooks a great meal. Without the operator behind the camera, it’s just a paperweight.

Canon AE-1P Film Camera
Canon AE-1P Film Camera

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