Rose Tree at f/2

Depth of Field – Defined

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Depth of Field is the measurement of how much of your image is sharp, and is controlled by Aperture and Distance to subject.

The closer you are to your subject, the less sharp your background will be.

Aperture decides the amount of Bokeh (Boh-Kuh), or, real technical term here: fuzzyness, that your photo has.

A small Aperture of f/32 would have nearly all of the image sharp. A large Aperture of f/2 would have most of the image blurry, except for a narrow range of sharp area.

In the photos below, we photograph a rose tree at f/22 and at f/2 to show you the difference in Depth of Field.

We first metered the scene, using the Pocket Light Meter app.

Pocket Light Meter App
Metering the scene with the Pocket Light Meter application.

Then we set up the camera for the Composition we want.

Rose Tree Photograph
Photographing a Rose Tree

We then set the camera to match the meter reading.

Top view of camera
We set the camera to the same reading as the meter

And finally, we get the shot that we are looking for.

Rose Tree at f/2
A Rose Tree taken at an aperture of f/2

This photograph has a very shallow Depth of Field so that the subject is isolated from the busy background.

If we wanted to have the background seen, the we could try again with the aperture set to f/22.

Rose Tree Photograph
This time taken at f/22

The difference is huge.

We like the shot that was taken at f/2 because it draws attention to the subject of the photograph, the Rose.

We took the same photo again in Automatic Mode, just to see what the camera did.

Rose Tree Photograph
Taken in Automatic Mode

While Automatic Mode did OK, I feel that the photo is under exposed by about one stop. Try this sometime while shooting in to the light. The Automatic Mode tends to expose for the brightest parts of your scene, killing all of the shadow details.

Do yourself a favor, just shoot Manual, over and over, until you are comfortable with your camera.

In case you are wondering about the setup we used for this shot: Canon 6D Camera, Canon 50mm f/1.8 (AKA: Nifty Fifty), Induro Adventurer Tripod.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask!

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Royalty Free Stock Images

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